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Ongoing Work

Smallholder work

Smallholder work is one part of the work in order to achieve 100% RSPO certification focusing on empowering smallholders in oil palm cultivation supported by CSPO Team. Our role is to promote growth and use of sustainable palm oil through credible global standards for smallholders by assisting smallholders in 20 villages of Telupid, Tongod, Beluran and Kinabatangan for 5 years.


Our team has been giving trainings and workshop to the smallholders community for the past two years in regards to the Good Management Practices (GMP) through various training, workshop and knowledge exchange opportunities to smallholders to expose themselves towards learning based on experience with other communities (specifically in Indonesia), empowering oil palm farmers by establishing their own community committee and cooperatives groups as an initiative to increase productivity and profitability of the local community by building institutions as a platform to move forward with RSPO standard.