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From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of Forever Sabah

June 9, 2019

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The re-appearance of elephants near the three Telupid villages after almost two decades is creating a conflict with people (villagers, estate workers, general population in Telupid). It is believed some 100 elephants, including 40 that are more regularly seen, have returned to the home they once used before a large forest fire forced them to leave. Change in land use, mainly for oil palm development by both companies that have opened large estates and villagers who have smallholdings, has led to landscape fragmentation and rendered elephants dependent upon oil palm and moving through settled areas. This is leading to human and elephant safety issues and leaving communities frustrated at the damage caused to crops and property, for which there are no compensation mechanisms.

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Overall Objective

This project engages in a serious human-animal conflict situation with aims to build harmony between the people of three Telupid kampungs and elephants in a multi-use landscape through the implementation of a community ranger team, identification of an elephant use zone and research on elephant feeding behaviour and interactions with humans.



The Human Elephant Harmony in Telupid project will address the issues through three components.

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Creation of a Community Elephant Ranger Team (CERT)

Identifying the Ele-Zone

Research Capacity/Citizen Science