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From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of Forever Sabah

June 9, 2019

A Bit About Us

Re-Imagining Sabah's Legal Ecosystem

In stark contrast to physical landscapes and seascapes, in which biotic and abiotic factors are intrinsically connected, the law attempts to address each part of the ecosystem – including land, forests, biodiversity, water and wildlife – as separate components. The net result is that laws and institutional arrangements are at the same time fragmented and overlapping.

Sabah is no exception and is even further complicated by the existence of three parallel court systems and gaps or conflicts between state and federal jurisdiction over environmental matters.

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Overall Objective

The aim this project is to deliver cutting edge legal advice and support to Forever Sabah, including identifying strategic entry points in the law for promoting a transition to a circular economy, and providing platforms for developing innovative policy, legal and institutional frameworks.



FS is working to achieve this goal by exploring several areas of collaboration, including:

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Civil society-legal fraternity-academia partnerships to conduct critical reviews and analyses of Sabah’s land and environmental laws, evaluate innovative legal frameworks and institutional arrangements in other countries, and track relevant international decision-making processes.

Community-civil society-industry-judiciary-government partnerships to promote appropriate and fair implementation of existing supportive laws and legal processes and to develop new and innovative legal and policy reforms where needed.

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Collaboration with regional and international networks to share good practices and build on lessons learned from legal innovation experiences in other jurisdictions.