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From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of Forever Sabah

June 9, 2019

A Bit About Us

Co-Creating Living Seascapes

Sabah forms an integral part of the Coral Triangle, the world’s most marine biodiverse region. Sabah’s coasts and islands contain over 75% of Malaysia’s coral reefs, which give life to a wide variety of soft and hard corals, sponges, echinoderms (such as star fish and sea cucumbers), mollusks, crustacean, sea snakes, turtles, and many fish species, including an array of sharks.

Yet unsustainable fishing practices - some of it illegal, unreported or unregulated (IUU) - has led to the degradation of Sabah’s reefs and the depletion of marine biodiversity. For example, a third of all shark species in the Coral Triangle are nearly extinct and species such as the hammerhead, of which Sabah is one of the last population strongholds, have declined by up to 90% in the last 50 years.

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Overall Objective

The aim this project is to support the appropriate recognition and scaling up of the number of locally managed marine areas on Sabah’s coasts and islands and to better protect biodiversity in Sabah’s seas.



The aim of this project is to improve the resilience and management of freshwater species, habitat and watershed ecosystem services for Sabah.

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