Kivatu Nature Farm

The Community Food Garden Project


The aim of this project is to shift agriculture practices in Sabah towards models of sustainable models of food production.

The project shall:

  • Demonstrate both the health and economic value of organic farming by supporting the development of model community food gardens.

  • Develop educational training modules to showcase traditional farming practices and innovative organic methods.

  • Collect information on traditional Sabahan farming practices and where possible work to revive their usage in practice.



The current Agricultural industry in Sabah has numerous negative effects both on buyers and producers At present the sector is dominated by an agribusiness system that often abuses its power over local farmers, many of whom have been driven into poverty and social isolation. A food production system based on fair trade, organic and community supported agriculture, farmers markets, backyard food growing and local food co-ops offers an alternative that can boost both the health and income of smallholders. The project is being developed in parallel with the Forever Sabah Institute and the Community-based Ecotourism Training School (CBETS).

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