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GAMUT Compost - Pilot Project in Donggongon, Penampang

After weeks of prepping, the GAMUT Compost Fair opened its doors on the 8th of April. About 30 people from around Penampang came by to know more about the green waste composting efforts run by the Jitilon family in Kg Kuai, with the support from Forever Sabah.

How it all started in 2014. Managing Donggongon town waste was identified as a problem.

In partnership with wet market vendors and municipal officials, GAMUT has successfully piloted a circular alternative in Donggongon through which the town’s green waste is instead converted into high quality compost that can go back to the land for gardening, landscaping and food production. The solution is self-sustaining since the sale of compost can cover the processing costs.

GAMUT's current site to process compost.

In an exciting development, the Penampang Municipality has agreed to direct all suitable waste to GAMUT on a site offered by the Jitilon family. GAMUT is now looking for investments and contributions from Penampang and Kota Kinabalu citizens to scale up processing facilities to 10 tons of waste per month. We’re aiming to raise RM160,000 in investments and contributions to build this next phase of the project.

Plan for the compost processing site. The space is contributed by the Jitilon family.

What the future compost processing site will look like.

Noel Seanundu (right) and Fredshine Ley Wilson (left) presenting at the GAMUT Compost Fair.

Penampang District Officer Luvita Koisun with Cynthia Ong, Forever Sabah's Chief Executive Facilitator. Thank you for your support, Puan Luvita!

We felt so nervous before the GAMUT Compost Fair but in the end it went well. There were good vibes from the people who made it happen, and those who attended to give their thoughts during the discussion. I would like to thank the Jitilons (my parents), my colleagues at Forever Sabah and LEAP, Penampang District Officer, MDPG, and all who attended and channeled their good energy for GAMUT's Compost Fair. - Noel Seanundu, GAMUT Coordinator

Guests taking part in the Sweet Potato Treasure Hunt at the Compost Fair.

Our guests were on all fours hunting for sweet potatoes! This is the fruits of their labor.

GAMUT's compost processing timetable.

This is a first for Sabah, and a pioneer for the region. Please help make Donggongon proud! To contribute and invest in our efforts, please get in touch with Noel at +6013 885 5118. Thank you!

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