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Community workshop with a bottom-up approach

#FlashbackFriday ✨✨ to what had happened with Payment For Ecosystem (PES) project last month! The three communities (Kg Tampasak, Kg Babagon Toki, Kg Kolosunan) residing near the Babagon Dam had a productive Sunday indeed when they hosted a half day dialog with exhibitions on their Socio-economic, Water Sampling and Land Use activities with government and non-government agencies. We are also grateful Melanie Siow, a representative from our project funder, @yayasan_hasanah came to Sabah and immersed herself in the workshop to experience some of our work on the ground! Smiles all around with great lunch, freshly picked and harvested from their own farms and paddy fields! For more information about what PES is and how it benefits our local communities, visit our website or contact us! ✌🏻⭐️

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