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Payment for Ecosystem Services

Did you know that communities living near water dams often lack the opportunity to farm, hunt and develop infrastructure in their own land to maintain the quality of the dam water?

Did you know that 57% water supplied to "urbanites" in Kota Kinabalu is coming from the Babagon dam?

The village development narrative usually involves the high level officers. Today, which is one of the many meetings that have taken place will intensify the empowerment of the community on the table discussion about their own fate, economy, and village infrastructure. Present day today, we have representatives from Kampung Tampasak, Kampung Kolosunan and Kampung Babagon Toki, who are pioneers in the first payment of ecosystem services (Read: Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) in Malaysia. Specifically, discussing about their own village technical mapping with GPS and its coordination system.

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