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Sabah 100% Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) by 2025

Empowering stakeholders in Sabah


Central to this project is the aim to create enabling environments, and the improvement of production practices which improves livelihoods and provides protection to the environment. The project is leveraging existing government support and commitment in Sabah and Central Kalimantan, as well as multi-stakeholder collaboration towards common objectives. This is aligned with the work areas and focus themes of the SFS Programme and directly related to targets under SDG 2 and SDG 12 on sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources, minimising pollution, strengthening capacity to move towards more sustainable patterns of production, increasing productivity and incomes of smallholders and ensuring sustainable food production systems. 


This project plays an important role in creating different types of intervention models to support smallholders in adopting more sustainable agricultural practices and increasing their readiness for certification. In turn, this will increase their productivity, market access for their products and improve their livelihoods. Since this project is linked to a wider roadmap for jurisdictional approach to certification in two landscapes that are important for palm oil production, its success will be key in advancing jurisdiction certification for the whole of Sabah and Seruyan as well as serve as models for other jurisdictions to follow suit.

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