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Field Coordinator - Kg. Babagon Toki

Biniso Kasim

Biniso Kasim finished his SPM certificate at 1997 then continued working at SEH Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur as an Assistant Technician with a 1 year contract. At 1998, he returned to Sabah and took a course on palm oil management at PPB Palm Oil Farm for 6 months then subsequently worked there as a Field Assistant in Eco Management Unit for 2 years. At 2000, he returned to his village to do freelance work. Circa 2002-2005, he became gainfully employed at Win Hin as machinery technician and around 2005-2007 he carried on at the construction unit at Southern (Wong Kwok group) as a technician. Since 2007 he has been doing freelance work while being the Field Coordinator for the PES Pilot Project.

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