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Forever Sabah
Forever sabah

Supporting Sabah’s
transition to a diversified,
equitable, circular economy.


Supporting Sabah’s
transition to a diversified,
equitable, circular economy


Forever Sabah’s Ecology

The Forever Sabah ecology is a web of relations, and a living organism seeking to re-weave Sabah’s vision for the future. The work centers communities, organisations and movements as we navigate complex realities and ask: how do we shape meaningful reconciliation between beings, places and Nature?

Our Projects, Programs, and Partnerships

Supporting Sabah’s transition to a diversified, equitable, circular economy.

Forever Segama
Multi-stakeholder collaboration for restoring biodiversity connectivity in a premier Sabah watershed.
Rice revitalisation partnerships in tenghilan
Re-Imagining Sabah's Legal Ecosystem
Sabah 100% Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil by 2025
Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) Scheme for Water Catchment Conservation in Sabah
Advancing Indigenous initiatives for sustaining fisheries, mangroves, forests and wildlife.
A multi-stakeholder project that aims towards a fully electrified Sabah
To advance Human-Elephant Harmony in Telupid through strengthening the local Community Elephant Ranger Team

Our projects:

Our focal areas

Guided by the principles of equity, integrity, inclusiveness, custodianship and shared responsibility, Forever Sabah will be delivered through a ground-up, project-based approach organised around four focal areas:

Food, Agriculture & Fisheries

Energy, Infrastructure & Waste

Livelihood, Tourism & Enterprise

Forest, Water & Soil

Recognising the need to address the pressing issues of:

  • Habitat protection and restoration
  • The development of local communities
  • Critical knowledge and skills

Forever Sabah will maintain an over-arching focus on rainforests and marine & coastal habitats.

The founding question

It began with a question: Where will Sabah be in 50 years if it continues down its current development trajectory?

To explore this, indigenous community groups, heads and officers of key government organisations, business and industry players, researchers and civil society from across Sabah came together in 2011 to discuss the topics of community involvement, natural resource management, green economy, land rights and synergy, amongst others.

The conversations, rooted in local aspirations, birthed the concept of a “Forever Sabah.” The founding question remains as a guiding principle in our work.

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Explore our resources

Stay up to date with our reports and resources that you can find by clicking the link below. Read up on our various field reports across all our projects below.

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Malaysia-UK PACT: Sabah renewable energy rural electrification

Sabah Renewable Energy Rural Electrification Roadmap (SabahRE2) is working to ensure access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for the state of Sabah in Malaysian Borneo.