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Where will we be

in fifty years if it continues to progress

along its current development trajectory?

Forever Sabah, a civil society entity, serves as a collaborative social movement rather than a bureaucracy or NGO.  We are an initiative rooted in local aspirations, built by an enthusiastic team who believe we can make our state better by utilizing Sabahan knowledge and experience and working with others and across sectors.

What We Do

Rather than deciding what Sabah “should” do, we build our programs through engaging communities, government agencies, private sector and NGOs in the resolution of problems and taking of opportunities that Sabahans are identifying.  As we work with these issues, and find funding for them locally or internationally, they become projects and programs, facilitated by Forever Sabah, but led by the people involved, and over time grow into independent entities.


Catch up with current activities of our teams and partners.


Data about our work and tools that help support that work.

We presented at the Climate Futures #1: Cultures, Climate Crisis and Disappearing Ecologies, 1 December 2022 in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Cynthia presenting 'Circularity, Climate, Culture & Community: a Sabah story' at Climate Futures
Photo credit: Yee I-Lann
Photo credit: Yee I-Lann
Discussion with Cynthia Ong (Malaysia), Dr. Serina Rahman (Singapore/Malaysia), Dr. Chomwan Weeraworawit (Thailand), and Cian Dayrit (Philippines) Moderated by Prof. Ute Meta Bauer (Germany/Singapore)
Photo credit: Yee I-Lann

We presented at RT 2022: Scaling up the Sustainable Palm Oil Value Chain Through Collective Action, 29 November 2022 in Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. 

Humans Habitats Highways Public Forum:
Finding Ways Forward Together

A culmination of highlights and findings through collaborative assessments over the years. This dialogue is the culmination of four years of work on Humans, Habitats and Highways, with a strategic focus on collaborative assessment on the Pan Borneo Highway. Coalition 3H grew out of this process, becoming an advocacy platform from which to engage with government, private sector, academia and civil society.

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