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Technical Coordinator of SPaCES Project/Cross-cutting mapping services

Dr. Nicola Abram

Dr Nicola Abram has worked on landscape level socio-economic, forest conservation, and oil palm issues in Sabah since 2009. She is a widely published specialist in interdisciplinary spatial analyses and planning, focusing on human-environment linkages within landscapes, and promoting biodiversity conservation and sustainable development agendas in multi-use environments. Nicola heads The SPaCES Project, “Spatial Planning for Conservation, Sustainable Economic Development and Society”; a holistic approach to better land utilisation for Sabah. She is involved in High Conservation Value (HCV) mapping work in Sabah, and contributes as a technical expert in Forever Sabah’s Humans Habitats Highways, Forever Segama, and Sabah Renewable Energy for Rural Electrification (SabahRE2) projects.

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