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Field Coordinator

Eliwen Jaibi

Eliwen Jaibi, originating from the inland village of Kampung Kanawahonin in the Ranau District, has dedicated his life to environmental conservation. His professional journey began in 2007 when he assumed the role of Forest Rangerf or a Forest Management Company in FMU4. The following year, he joined AnikaDesiran Sdn Bhd as a Forest Ranger at FMU5 Trus Madi Forest Reserve. Eliwen'scommitment and diligence earned him the position of Assistant Chief Ranger in2011, and he continued to contribute to the company until 2014. His extensive background in forestry and environmental protection laid the foundation for hisrole as Field Coordinator for the Orang Utan conservation project at KampungPenulangon, Ranau, with Forever Sabah since 2021. He passionately believes in the benefits of conservation and actively engages his community in efforts to safeguard the environment, with a particular focus on preventing the extinctionof the Orang Utan species.

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