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Field Coordinator - Kg. Tampasak

Jeffrey Abun

After finishing his SPM certificate at the end of 2000, Jeffrey traveled to KL for about 10 years and built on his skills and experience in the Culinary and Tourism industry. Jeffrey then returned to his village of Kg, Kolosunan and saw the tourism potential. In 2012 he was appointed by the community as the Tagal chairman to replace the old chief, and immediately after the appointment he started a series of surveys to other tagal such as tagal Tinopikon Babagon, tagal Kibunut, stesen Perikanan Babagon and a number of other rivers with their system to then later collaborate with the Penampang District Fisheries Department in managing traditional tagal protocols. In addition to being active in politics for his village development, he also took several courses organized by the Department of Fisheries, for example, global celebration of agriculture, health and so on. As of 2019, he is currently the MPKK of his village and the Field Coordinator for the PES Pilot Project.

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